Jeep Missions by Design

You can choose how you want our Jeeps configured. You can have the full hard tops on, partial front tops off, hard top off, soft top up or down, even the doors can come off. Again, it is up to you.

Purple Jeep 6x4 size

Purple Jeep

Dragon Edition

Dragon Edition

You can choose which Jeep you wish to book during the reservation process.

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Ultimately, you can design your Jeep Mission but here are a few of our favorite Missions:

Date Night Jeep Style:    
Enjoy a romantic ride up to Mt. Lemmon, and a star-lit ride down.   $75.00 Per Couple
Mount Lemmon Mission:    
Travel up the General the General Mitchell Highway with the Mount Lemmon Science Tour; stopping along the way to enjoy nature and the awesome vistas.   $35.00 Per Person
Backside of Mount Lemmon:
  •  Available from March 15 – December 15 as road is closed to public traffic during the winter.
Experience the thrill of why the Jeep Wrangler was made as we bump and climb our way up the Control Road to the top of Mount Lemmon.   $100 Per Person
Redington Pass Mission:    
Four-wheeling at its best. This gem is just a few minutes from Tucson! We will travel to mile marker 8 and back.   $35.00 Per Person
Wine and Chocolate Mission:    
This Mission includes 2 winery tasting tours and a box of 4 chocolates from the chocolatier of XO Confections.

Choose your chocolates

  $130.00 Per Person
Brewery Missions:    
For those who appreciate the art of a fine micro brewery, check out some of the artinsanal brews Tucson has to offer. We suggest the brews at the Barrio and Nimbus established in 1996 which were the first two microbreweries in Tucson.   $25.00 per stop per person
Tombstone Mission:    
Travel scenic biways as we make our way to historic Tombstone.   $150.00 Per Person
Bisbee/Coronado National Monument:    
    $225.00 Per Person
Jeep Missions by Design:    
Customize your own mission. Let’s you determine where you want to go and do.   $60.00 per hour

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