Our Missions to Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon

Nestled in the Santa Catalina Mountains, Mount Lemmon is the highest point with an elevation of 9,159 feet and is named after botanist Sara Lemmon who trekked up the mountain with her husband in 1881.


The high elevations allow Tucsonans to enjoy a bit of snow which periodically falls during the winter months. It is a strange phenomenon to see pickup boxes fall of snow in the city when the temperatures are 80 degrees in Tucson, but one will always know when there is snow up on the mountain when you see these loads appear.



Coming from Wisconsin, we have seen our fair share of snows and bitter cold that could honestly be considered epic so moving to Tucson with its desert heat agrees very well with us. We do travel at least one time up the mountain each season to drive through the snow, get out at the top and spend about five minutes walking around in the snow. It doesn’t take my husband and I very long to turn to each other with that “well, I have had enough” look in our eyes, get back into our Jeep and head back down the mountain to enjoy the 80-degree weather.

Seven Cataracts is about a quarter of the way up the mountain and is worth a stop. We love the rocky, steep mountain slopes across the way. During times of snow melt or monsoons, there are several waterfalls which appear. It is a special pastime of ours to watch the cascading waters as they are zen-inspiring.


Even during the dryer season, it is still easy to see where the waters normally run through if you look close enough, a pool of water may be visible.



Windy Point is one of our favorite places to stop and about half way along the winding road to the summit. It is here where the temperatures begin to cool so that factor adds to why we love to stop. But it is the vista overlooking the Tucson basin, along with the awesome rock formations, which draws us back time and time again. And we are not alone it is very popular place among the mountain travelers. Caution is needed around Windy Point and a watchful eye for pedestrians, motorcycles and vehicles is highly recommended.

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