Wine and Chocolate Mission

We travel through the Santa Rita mountains on our way to the famed Sonoita area where the soil and temperature has given birth to an unexpected gem of vineyard fields and locally fermented wines of such delightful flavors they must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

We visit two wineries in this package; Deep Sky and Sonoita Vineyards.

Deep Sky offers some very wonderful blends and the Supernova is ranked

DSC_0099at the top of our personal list of favorite wines.






Sonoita Vineyards also offer some great wines as well, but they go above and beyond the normal wine tasting experience with private wine tastings with or without a catered lunch, horse-back trail tour also with a catered lunch, or you can assist with the vineyard harvest.

Sonoita Vineyards


To enhance the flavors of these wines, we have paired the unexpected flavors which the chocolatier from XO Confections brings to the pallet. Wanting this chocolate is easy. The hard part will be choosing which delights to enjoy!

You will be select your chocolates during the booking process.

box of chocolates

Choose your chocolates

Your Jeep Mission includes a box of 4 chocolates of your choice. To ensure the freshness your delightful chocolates, we do request that we have 3 business days to ensure that your chocolates may arrived on a timely basis.

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